Dr Martens … the delight!

As a teenager years ago, wearing of DMs was something that was a requirement, with skirts long or short, jeans or funky leggings this 8 holed boot became a fundamental aspect of my wardrobe, much to my father’s dismay. “Bother Boots” he called them often insisting they were changed before a family outing or social event. But my wearing of them persisted until at the age of 18 I returned from an all night party … with only one boot, the left one.


We had hunted high and low but my right boot was never found. I was devastated and broke so replacing them was just not feasible… My left boot was relegated to the status of paintbrush holder and is still with me today, worn weathered but thanks to the insert of a suitably sized jam jar, perfect for pens, pencils and paintbrushes.


Without warning I have become the owner of not one but TWO pairs of Docs in the space of a week, both 8 holed one pair petrol blue the other metallic purple and neither pair cost a penny. This astounded me! A workmate’s clear out brought the first pair to my feet blue and barely worn. Oh what a gift, the regression began and as I left the house the next day my son enquired “which stone circle did you fall out of this morning?” Meeting my friend for coffee the greeting of “Oi Hippy” confirmed that a simple pair of boots had taken twenty years off the age of my wardrobe and morphed me back to the early 90’s.


Then yesterday, a purple pair needed a new home, and I was thought of, my size, my favourite colour… this was the best foot forward for clodhopper destiny.


When getting dressed this morning I was faced with such a quandary, which pair should I wear? It was a long minute and a half of peering into the wardrobe that lead me to picking the purple pair, I avoided the trace of tie-dye that remains hanging among my garments suitably dressed set about my day.


Each time I look at my feet I smile, just a little internal smile and this is for a number of reasons.

1. I am lucky, people I know thought of me and were generous.

2. I have cherished memories, these spring forward at most unexpected times and can be triggered by inanimate objects, sounds and smells.

3. I like being me, self discovery is overrated, self acceptance is the way forward and through this I think I might find growth.

4. My teenage son thinks I am going through a rebellious stage, Oh the irony!


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