A to the Aim of my Alphabet Blog!



Aims and goals drive us though life set our focus generate motivation. Or at least they do with me. I was blank when I sat down this morning trying to think of an A to start my April Alphabet Challenge. I had been able to cover almost every other letter in my mind while Fluke and I walked this morning, but the A it avoided me.

A is about …(again a barrage of B’s came to mind so tomorrows post should be a doddle) so with a second coffee I set to reading the other alphabet posts that were hitting the web, so many to read and all so ambitious to a new little blogger like me.

“A” remained ambiguous but somewhere in the annex of my mind I hoped that I could locate an “A” to start the day. I could write of Abba Driven Whisk Singing, this is a lesser known pass time I think may be unique to Weston Super Mare which requires a Swedish friend, her hubster and tea-cosy hats but surely that should be included under “M” for music or “S” for singing.

Almost at the point of brain implosion, I thought “Aberaeron” a coastal town in West Wales where the best fish and chips can be found at the Celtic Cafe on the harbour side. A fabulous location full of childhood and adult memories, but how would it fit with the rest of my month?
Again I reverted to the drawing board, you see my Alphabet blog may not have an official theme or topic but the more I read and think the more I am aware that it needs one.

Adamant not to give up I pondered on…
Perhaps it is prudent at this point to show my appreciation to Arlee Bird, http://tossingitout.blogspot.com who has presented us with the A to Z April Challenge. Many thanks are extended and already so many brain cells expended.

And there we have it, in a nutshell. My “A”, I shall Aim to show my Appreciation through the Alphabet. I am sure it will be a personal journey I hope those who follow will enjoy the posts along the way.

It is all too easy to lose direction, to become distracted become complacent in our fast-moving world. So though April I shall attempt to appreciate those aspects of my life that have added to the experience of being me.

A is for Appreciation, Aims, Ambitions, and so much more.
I thank you for reading.

24 responses to “A to the Aim of my Alphabet Blog!

  1. What a wonderful start of this challenge, I look forward to be following the rest of your alphabet – you have a great aim here!

  2. Hi Becs – your blog is four down from mine in the list which is why I’m here. Good luck with the challenge – I did it last year using several words for each letter. This year I’m keeping them much shorter!

  3. I’m amused by all your A’s. Well done. Teehee!

  4. I seem to have an addiction to alliteration with all of those A’s! Thanks to all who have popped by XX

  5. Great start. Enjoy the rest of the challenge. 🙂

  6. littlegreenblog

    Hi from the blogging challenge. I loved your post and found myself stopping to smile, to take a mindful breath. I am guilty of racing through life, aiming to cross things off my to do list. But taking a moment to stop and appreciate an attitude of gratitude helps the day run smoother – after all; what we focus on grows, right?

    • Thankyou for stopping by and taking the time to post. I do hope you are right and that what we focus on does grow… perhaps positivity and gratitude can have a growth spurt along with my writing 🙂

  7. Your A is very well done. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge.

  8. Why thankyou …Good luck through the alphabet I hope the words treat you well.

  9. lepetitpoulet11

    Congrats on your “A” it was awesome!

  10. Lovely article. Just when I thought I was done reading blogs for the day, I clicked on yours and really enjoyed the tone and subject.
    Way to go. Hope to read more soon.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  11. Hi there, I nominated you for a Blogging A to Z Challenge Liebster Award.

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