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I- Inquiry call… ?

letter-iI am sure that each of you who read this will remember a time that you were juggling cooking dinner, irony laundry, running a bath when phone rings. It will be some one important, a family member, friend or possibly work. You rush to answer leaving in your wake a boiling pots or bubbling bath suds to be asked “Is possible to speak to Mrs Home-owner?” How fluffed off are you at this point? “It is just a quick inquiry call today to regarding…” The purpose of this call cannot be of interest to you can it, I am certain like so many others you see this as an imposition, an invasion of your home.

Do you take a breath, exercise your varied and colourful vocabulary and slam down the receiver?
Are you one of the more creative protestors, who will listen and question then demand how this invasion has been implicated? Or do you inform your interrupter that the person they need to speak to is in the other room, place the handset on the side and continue with the task at hand ignoring the faint calls of “hello” till you know they have disconnected at their end. I should inform you that these options have been brought to you from experience; I worked in a hell-centre.

For those of you who are familiar with my April posts themed in appreciation thanks and gratitude as part of the A to Z challenge, you might be wondering why I would be grateful for such things as interruptions by unsolicited callers. Well I am not, but it has been some time since I had to hit targets of seven a shift, to sell opportunities that I wouldn’t want to take, to talk to people who loathed me invading their home via telephonic means and yes I am thankful that I escaped the hell-centre never to return.

Today I am thankful for caller ID, I am pleased to say that I am registered with T.P.S  but mostly I am grateful of the experience gained from those hours at the work station, where discussions with colleges was forbidden, tedious hours were spent repeatedly being told what to say for those days they did pay the rent.

I had a call this morning, mid snooze I answered without a second thought, “Good morning” the caller chirped in that tone that signifies they have been calling people for the last 3 hours with no positive outcomes. “Could I just speak to …?” Oh my reply was firm but fair, most of all it was effective.

“I am pleased to say it is she speaking, though I recommend this call is ended forthwith for my number is registered with the telephone preference service calls to this number can result in fines of up to £5000.”  I appreciated her hasty apology and with that the call was disconnected.

H – How pleased we were with our aprons? Hilarious moments.

There is nothing worse than someone telling you a funny story which at its conclusion falls flat with out a giggle. So I shall declare now that this will not be a funny post just an appreciation of funny moments, there is nothing to laugh at here.

Have you heard the joke about the clown that got fired from the circus, he took his employers to court for fun-fair dismissal. Ok so you didn’t laugh, nor did I when that particular little gem of humour was shared the first time, yet the telling of that gag has become it’s own joke part of pub life. We might all roll our eyes but comedy is all in the …
… timing.

Or perhaps not, I am lucky for I have some very funny friends, funny haha and funny odd, however I am aware that I fall into at least one of those categories. During sleep-overs as a kid I recall laughing till my sides ached with antenna’s in my hair made from bendy curlers, trying to balance stacks of mini chedders on my forehead. The actions of the downright weird I know, yet shared moments remembered with a smirk.

Other childhood moments when we truly laughed included a time when one of our classmates stitched her sewing project to her skirt, at the time we howled with laughter. Her cries of “I am stuck stuck stuck and it’s not funny” made us laugh all the more but this saddens me as an adult, for it is my first memory of laughing at some one else’s expense.
To be fair, my fellow student sustained no injury (other than to her pride) and her sewing project was completed when it had been unstitched from her skirt.

When I recently made my Swedish friend howl with laughter cannot declare that I remained unscathed. Crossing the road should be a simple thing but no, not for me with hands in my pockets I located the pavement in a most undignified manner, as the kerb jumped up in front of me I found myself Rugby tackling an innocent wheelie bin while I limped and hobbled up her stairs to dress my wounds, she followed doubled over with giggles at the fact that no alcohol was consumed in the production of that disaster.

Comedy is not all in the timing, it is in the sharing. Can you name a time when you have stood without other human influence and found something properly funny when you laughed out loud alone? I will not admit to being able to think of such a moment in case those men with back fastening jackets want to collect me again.
The people who you stand with as the tears run down your cheeks and you ache from the involuntary chuckles, they make those moments funny so to them I say thank you. I also need to show my appreciation to two good traveller buddies who returned from a recent trip to Italy and brought gifts.

Gratitude is expressed today for many things, I am grateful that i giggle lots and have friends to giggle with. I am grateful that we do not laugh at the misfortune of others unless they are laughing themselves. I am mostly chuffed to bits that my apron from Italy was presented to me yesterday. Clearly my travelling friends had been overwhelmed with the culture and history of their holiday… here is a photo of Swedeling and I modeling or new pinnies
I must state that mine will stay in the kitchen drawer when mother visits. We have howled with laughter while modelling them, I am thankful for the smiles that have been shared the laughs that are laughed and in the bigger picture,  that my apron needed the largest plate to hide my modesty… the smaller pate on the left was far far more than ample in that aprons case.