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What the L – better late than never!

Late, indeed this post is, however I recall as a child my family drove 200 miles to attend my cousin’s wedding, we were caught in a jam and arrived in time to see the bride and groom emerge as husband and wife. The five of us were greeted with a smile a hug and the apologies for our tardy entrance was brushed off with that phrase “better late than never”.

I hate being late, perhaps those moments caught in the back of the car panicking about time dashing against the clock have left their mark. To avoid stress at lateness I have habitually become an early bird, often arriving half an hour before a shift at work begins taking time for a brew and a catch up before work begins. I am glad I am not big in the dating circles because nursing a drink when you have turned up a good thirty minutes early is never good for the butterflies.

Looking over the posts of the A to Z so far I am surprised at how quickly we are zooming through the alphabet. None of my posts have been pre-planned apart from P and Z each letter seem to take up my thinking time, those early minutes do have a purpose you see! I would say that L has benefitted from more time than the previous letters as I am a day behind with my posting, but with two jobs and the need for sleep thinking moments have been engulfed pondering the increasing ache of my feet.

I am pleased I have not been late for work this week. Gratitude was extended to the bus driver who grinned and took my money when I had finished my twelve hour shift on Friday. Simple actions make massive differences to the people we interact with. Last night at the bar, I was referred to as “the smiler”, sincere thanks dear customer yet neither of these actions can be squeezed under the umbrella of L.

What the L can I be grateful for? I looked over my previous posts for inspiration. Language, I love language, recently I have had the chance to speak to someone in Welsh, blimey that made my day. It had been years since I conversed in that most beautiful of tongues. Lampeter was the location of that last conversation in Welsh and high on the possibility list for the L post but places don’t seem to fit the bill. Lost I began to write on Love, while there are many forms of love I am pleased to enjoy I am not ready to purge my heart and write the moments that hit my fingertips when I think of love I have come to the conclusion that the internet is not ready for that particular rant.

Today I seem to have been cured of my alliterative addiction, I am lost in L. All that I can think of is long life milk portions, random I know. Who invented those things, pockets of preserved pasteurized liquid? Does anyone actually want to use them? I am pleased I take my coffee black when these are the only milk option available and will turn my back on tea under these circumstances.

I looked online for an answer, it seems that UHT milk pots were invented in the 1960s and were available on mass from the 1970s. Single portions sealed away from outside influence to be used as a second-rate substitute for the “real thing”.  UHT makes utterly horrific tea!

whole milk uht

whole milk uht (Photo credit: khrawlings)

I have digressed to the point of ridiculous, I apologies for the lateness of my post and for the tangent that has been visited today, what the L am a grateful for today? I am pleased I am not a long life milk pot. I am grateful that to live to exist is to interact with others, to share the smile with a bus driver, to feel the ache of the feet and know that we can aim to be better than second rate!