M – moan-day



My word it is Monday. Perhaps we should rename this Moanday for by Jove I think I need to. Please be aware that I find it difficult to be grateful for anything when I have had a moan day like today.
Might I point out there may be an influx of sarcasm in this post, please accept my apologies in advance and I hope to make it to the end of my M without prolific use of profanity.
Do you recall the days of the deli counter in your local supermarket, when you took a ticket and waited for your number to be called. You then ordered you cold cuts, or specified the portions of cheeses required and were served by someone who was there to assist. It is a great system for a supermarket deli counter when people wait their turn and do not throw tantrums.
Today I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the local council for they have spent £8.4 million pounds of our money implementing this system (the one used for cheese and cold meat) in the newly painted office. Ok so they have upgraded the system some-what… Yes they employ a school leaver with a computer to issue the tickets GENIUS! How grateful do you think I am to sit on colour coordinated hard seating that is too low for any form of comfort for 39 minutes? “Less than an hour to see someone” I hear you cry how efficient. Indeed it might have been had I been issued the right ticket, but no I was called up sat in a strange booth to be face with the age-old response of “Sorry I am not from that department, if you could go to the counter and take a ticket you will be seen as soon as possible!!!!”

£8.4 million is a massive amount of money to waste when as a user of the service I see a reduction in quality of experience and am yet to locate efficiency. £8.4 million on nice paint work and some new uniforms what a bargain, perhaps I am in the wrong job and should apply for local government. Now during my 39 minutes of uncomfortable waiting I noticed another thing. In the OLD council office (this was the same building without the 8.4 million pound face lift) there used to be two security guards. Huddling around the desk where the school girl receptionist sits there were 6 guards why so many? Could it be that taking a ticket and being wrongly directed is causing a bit of friction? £8.4 million, you could almost bury Maggi for that! What a waste.

I would love to be grateful for the new day centre , the assistance given to the elderly, the park that is there for the community to enjoy or even the weekly bin collections. Unfortunately I am not able to extend my gratitude for these as the ticket dispenser needs new paper. Today I am grateful that I have had a moan. Moreover, I am amazed to say I was pleased to pick up the phone and hear that digital recording telling me to press one for … press two for… I never thought I would say that.

M, what should the M before, it should be for the M4 the route that took me home for years, the road we drove to visit relatives but today I am pleased to have had a moan for I might have exploded had I not have done, maybe I should also be grateful that throughout my frustration I have not utilised rude words, cursing or profanity, most of all I am grateful for email for now I can send my questions and queries to multiple persons and kick up a quiet little stink till I get the answer I would like without taking a ticket!

6 responses to “M – moan-day

  1. First world problems almost similar across the globe.. I can totally empathize with you..

    – Your fellow A to Zer
    Visit my post at http://precari0us.wordpress.com/

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  3. I am sure I have never heard of it called moan-day, but I like it and will probably think of it that way from now on.

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