Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

N- never give up, need help? Noggin!

No way, we have got to N! All of the fabulous A to Zeders are now over halfway through the challenge. My oh my doesn’t time fly. Now to all of those who are following the April A to Z challenge a shout out, I am grateful that you haven’t given up, I am thankful that so many have popped over to see what I am up to at Tales of Tedium, I am pleased to be enjoying so many of the posts that you have all shared so far. To the readers who are not taking part if you would like more information on the challenge, please see http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/


Now to my N day, although really it is a bit of a D-day in my little part of the planet, I have one of those meetings that no one wants to attend, one of those meetings that are necessary . I shall not bore you with the details but I am hoping that after 2pm today I can say that I am pleased I have not given up.

Knowing when to say No, knowing when to stand your ground is an admirable quality, while studying I was told that I was “tenacious” by a certain tutor; I took this as a compliment for I am proud to be determined. But that compliment was given on a day when I learnt a significant lesson , the day I asked for help, sometimes no matter how determined we are we need to swallow our pride and admit that we need support or assistance. Today is one of those days.

N can represent all manner of things that I am grateful for. Nuts, I do mean the edible variety; there is nothing nicer than a good nut roast with mushroom gravy on a lazy Sunday. Noodles, soft delicately flavoured with broccoli and perhaps a sweet-chilli sauce. (Breakfast should be eaten before blogging to avoid over foody moments) None perhaps should detract from the Noggin.

My Dad always told me to use my noggin, for those who may not be familiar with the term the noggin is the head. I am glad he took time to tell me this, to give me the opportunity to find my own solutions. He took time to stand and watch while I worked it out, but was on hand if I needed help.
Now I have a teenager of my own I can think back to those noggin needed moments and really appreciate the amount of patience taken. To be sure the noggin was not in use when he tried to fix the Hoover, it resembled a Meccano set when he had finished with it, the vacuum died that day. The day my dear Dan cleaned the kitchen and washed the kettle out with fairy liquid well, there were bubbles but at least he tried. I wish my boy would use his noggin and I am sure that he will ONE DAY!

Now more than ever I am pleased to have been taught to never give up, to have learnt when to say I need help and most of all I am grateful that I use my noggin.