Oh heck I am over due … please find O post below!


Oh heck I am running late. Obviously this O post is overdue. I apologise for the delay in posting and will ensure that I am up to date as soon as possible. Oh no I am running late and late is not something I like to be. Only the other day I was feeling on top of the posts having pondered my P’s part prepared my Q’s and posted my N-never giving up now I have to practice what I preach.


During my alphabetic gratitude posts I have attempted to avoid the obvious; perhaps I have been successful in this, you dear reader can be the judge of that it is your opinion that counts. Today for O I am to be grateful for your opinions. To ask for an opinion is a risky thing, as individuals we should never ask a question unless we are prepared to take on board an answer that may not be overwhelmingly positive. I might have been writing for many years on and off, but when I was asked about the objective behind my blogging recently I struggled to find an answer, so I pondered. As a student, each piece of work was graded, appraised for technical approach and content. That green pen that marked by beautifully printed page could be the mark of doom or a high praised A. I always approached that moment with trepidation.


Often the words that I wrote and did not have confidence in surprised me, while the overworking tripped up my sentences when I thought a prose piece was fab. Sharing what I had written always put the fear of god into me. At the moment blogging is my opportunity to share opinions and to ask for objective feedback. Now if you would like to share opinions please feel free there is a comments box for you all to use. For O I am grateful for opportunities, for opinions and for objectives.


One response to “Oh heck I am over due … please find O post below!

  1. I haven’t been able to read all of your blogs, but what I have read I have liked. I enjoy your writing style.

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