Pet-stop it’s a P post.

Photos are called for as part of this post, perhaps now is a good time to be thankful for the photos i have preserving images and memories that cannot be recreated. As a participant in the April A to Z challenge I am posting each day (or trying to) through the alphabet with posts of appreciation gratitude and thanks. Throughout my posts I find myself reflecting on past adventures, moments of laughter and time with family and friends, today I am pleased to share my P post with you. Today I greatful for my Pets, pussy cats and puppy dog alike, I love them all and am pleased to share this with you.

As a child, I was surrounded by pets, Whisper and the yellow lab and Martha the welsh mountain sheep perhaps the first pets I recall. Whisper died when I was five, I remember being picked up from school by my Mum, before we got home she pulled the car over and told us that she was too poorly to live with us anymore and that the Vet had stopped her hurting. My Dad sobbed, I will never forget how sad we all were, but she had been with the family along time, we all loved her. Living in the country there were two sorts of animal ones like Whisper who were loved family members and then the other sort that we would end up eating. Martha the sheep was not for eating.

I have looked and I don’t seem to have any pictures of Martha, but she was a true Sheep-dog. She thought she was a dog she came when she was called, walked on a lead and even went down the pub with Dad from time to time. She was a special sheep. We had others; they all had names, Cuddles, Bones, Mustard, and Minty to name but a few. These sheep came to us as orphaned lambs were cared for and nurtured but always in the knowledge that they would ultimately become dinner. We enjoyed the time we shared with them, made sure they had a good life, but they were not pets, our parents made sure we understood the difference.

As a family we had other dogs after Whisper, Moogie a grey Collie dog was next, then Rosa a Lassy dog I moved out but needed to share my home with a furry friend. When my son was two years old, Bandit arrived. Bandit was a poorly pussycat, he had been saved from drowning and needed a home, we took him in and loved him. The vet was not optimistic but after 6 weeks he perked up and pawed his way through 7 house moves with us. He was my son’s companion always curled up at the foot of his bed, hidden from sight but giving away his location with a purr like a lawn mower. Bandit died last year, we sobbed, we mourned him, we still miss him now.

Fluke, is our family dog. Like Bandit Fluke was did not have the best of starts in life, he was abandoned with the rest of his litter on a freezing January night. The puppies were approximately 3 weeks old, they were in a tied up bin bag, dumped at the end of the rescue centre lane. From the litter of 6, only four grew into grown up dogs I am blessed to have opened my home to one of them. Our Fluke is now ten years old, he has the grey beard of an old man coming but he still bounces like a puppy.


The boys as they were called lived together as part of our family, this is my favourite photo of Fluke and Bandit together, it should be noted that Bandit was always the boss. When he died Fluke missed him as much as we did.

In the last year we have two ladies in our lives, both feline, both charaters in their own rights. Miss Margo S Wibbley needed a new home and we needed a furry friend. When she moved in I quickly realised how much of a snob she is, Miss Wibbley sits up high and likes looking down on passersby.

Last but not least we have Lexi-puss Blackie Chan, sadly her owner passed away so she came to join our family. A little mischief making fluff bag who has befriended Dan and loves him as much as he adores her.
So they we have Pets, the fur people that are part of our family, we love then all and I am greatful to share my home with them.


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