Quite possibly the most daunting letter of the A to Z or would that be x or z?


Q, when thinking of this little letter I am drawn to thoughts of people in lines waiting patiently in a queue how very British. If you have read my M post https://talesfromtedium.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/m-moan-day/ then you may be aware that being held in a queue is not something I find myself grateful for. To queue however is better than to be held in line, that just makes me think of waiting to be shot or arrested. I have no experience of either but today it seems that the tangent bus has taken my thought process, or perhaps my genius is just being held in a queue.

Queer moments of contemplation have surrounded my post for this letter. I have pondered the possibilities of posting on Quince, my father gave me a Quince tree when I moved into my house at Poole. We planted it outside the backdoor, it blossomed well and produced enough fruit to make jelly. I was pleased with that but i do not think that will be my Q word for today. Nor will the Quay, a place Dan and I wandered often while we lived in Dorset enjoying the sea breeze while looking at the bikes that road up for Bike night.

Q has raised questions and for this I am grateful. Questions are the first step in the process of gaining knowledge to finding answers. I wondered about quaint traditions but no matter how much I tried I could not be grateful for Wassailing by next year I hope I can be as I am determined to take part in this most local of customs.

No, today the Q of choice is quirky. I would rather be seen to be quirky than normal and am grateful that many of my friends are quirky too. Perhaps we have made our quirks the new norm … I must stop this for the questions are putting me in a quandary.


The urban dictionary defines quirky as 1:

something that is strange/not normal but cool

Perhaps I am too old for cool now, my teenage son certainly thinks so and my mother well when she thought I was going to have pink hair with purple streaks (a moment of sarcasm) she informed me in no uncertain terms that as I was “Approaching middle age” I should perhaps “think of a more mature” style…

Alternatively the second definition the urban dictionary gives is

Unconventional, surprising, odd.

Now this I can live with, ok so odd has connotations of a less than positive manner but who cares, only normal people would and to be normal is highly overrated. I can tick unconventional, I might just tick surprising and go and get the purple hair dye. The quirks of the individual should be celebrated no matter what their age.


So from a quirky middle aged 30 something, I bid you good day. I am not too shy to admit that my Q post has been brought to you by questions, quandaries and queued thoughts but through it all I am grateful that I did not quit.

*Quick after thought. I would like to express my gratitude for Quaint tea shops also, for two reasons 1, to prove to mother there is a hint of maturity in my thinking
2, they sell cake ! Quite possibly the best reason to be grateful!


12 responses to “Quite possibly the most daunting letter of the A to Z or would that be x or z?

  1. Again, an enjoyable post! Yes, we’re heading for those really difficult letters now, aren’t we… Great to get a proper definition of “quirky”, sounds like a great compliment to get!

  2. Cool post! You made me laugh. 🙂 This is the first quirky I have seen today. Normal is boring.
    A to Z April Blogging Challenge

  3. I thought Q would be challenging, but I easily aced it. I think X and Z will come across okay as well.

  4. Being normal is far too boring! Quirky is definitely the way to go!

    Rebecca @ Words & Palabras

  5. What a clever way to tackle the quintessential Q! I found X to be tough last year, but honestly, my odd 2012 X post topic turns out to be one of the most heavily-searched for terms that lands people on my blog time and again. Weird. Or should I say…quirky? 😉

    • thankyou! It turns out that the “fear” letters are taking up so much brain time that the simple one become tricky, next year I shall plan rather than spontanious blog posts.

  6. what a fun Q post, made me smile – thanks! can you believe there is a Wassail parade in Woodstock Vermont each December, so much fun, all the horses decked out

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