Zara Kuchi


Z may have been on my letters of doom list when I first signed up for the A to Z challenge. No sooner had I started to panic about it than inspiration came in the form of a Facebook post. For today I am to show thanks gratitude and appreciation for art, I know this does not start with the letter Z but an old school friend, a talented artist Zara Kuchi is my Z of choice.

When I moved from Wales I lost contact with a number of class mates, by the power of Facebook many of us have made contact again. I found (not surprisingly) that great talent had grown. For Z today I would like to share my appreciation of the art of Zara Kuchi, please look her up on Facebook where more of her work is available to peruse.

I have shared a few of my favourite pieces,


This Zingy Cockerel makes me smile, the first time I saw him I wanted to hang him on my wall I am sure that the life and movement that is captured on the canvass spills into the room where he now sits.


If music could be captured in brush strokes then I am sure that this handsome chap has been painted with a fine tune. I love the energy that is conveyed and the concentration that has been captured.


This beautiful trio of miniatures, so tiny and delicate, so precise. The delicate hand that has produced these images leads me to wonder what each of the subjects might be focusing on, could be thinking of.


The last of the painting that I shall post is this one, again the depth of spirit that is held on this canvas intrigues me, the light dancing on the skin to me the subject is emitting hope seeing something beyond the canvas that draws me to seeing her image as the subject herself.

So my Z of choice, my last post in the A to Z this year is a post to thank Zara Kuchi for producing such diverse delicate and vibrant work. If you would like to look her up please click

I am grateful to all of you who have followed the posts this April and hope you stick around to see what the rest of the year will bring.

10 responses to “Zara Kuchi

  1. How wonderful that you and your classmates were able to find each other! Zara Kuchi is a fantastic artist, I love them all, but especially the miniatures. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Becs, your amazing, well done girl. Hope this isn’t the last we hear from you. Don’t forget if your ever anywhere near here… pleeeeeassee look us up xxxx

    • Oh blimey… Thanks chick ! I have never been a shrinking violent and I hope that this is the begining for me and the word on the web … just need to find my focus for the future of the blog… And ditto to you if you are in the Bristol / Weston area give us a shout there is always a sofa for crashing on xxx

  3. Great choice for Z and I love the art especially the first two!

  4. What a beautiful grand finale of the A to Z! I also checked her Facebook page, I love her work! I have really enjoyed your blog company this last month, and look forward to staying in touch! We did it!

    • Oh indeed I hope you will remain a blogging buddy in the future my dear, the A to Z has been twice the pleasure as I shared it with your posts. Zara’s Art is fabulous I am so please that you like it !

  5. Having absolutely no artistic ability at all, I am always amazed and awed by the work of artists!

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