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B- Barmaidian blessings


Boldly I stated that the second letter of the challenge would be a doddle, being presented with numerous options boggles ones’ mind when focus is needed. Beach walking with my woof on a blue-sky morning bamboozled me further. Blessing beginning with B are abundant.

The birth of my boy nigh on 17 years ago, the biggest of all the B’s that one could ever have imagined. At times as a Mum the challenges that are faced with teenagers may detract from the gratitude you feel as a parent, but bedslug moments pale into insignificance when thinking about the baby that was once so tiny who is growing into the fine young man. My boy, the best thing that has happened in my life.

But my boy is not the B of choice nor is Bandit our dearly departed puss-cat, he had a purr like a lawn mower, the bravest cat in the west. We will always miss him, my appreciation of him may be written under a different letter perhaps P-shall be for pets.

Being me has brought many challenges along the way, moving to a town where I knew no one was scary to say the least, some say I was brave, but I was lucky. Life here would have been so very different had I not have been granted barmaidian status.

Blessings of a Barmaid, might be difficult to discern if you look for them on the High St fast paced bars selling shots for a pound, full of party goers and sorrow drowners only drinking to get wasted, but I am lucky for I work in a local pub, beer-with me reader and I shall explain.

I am a big bosomed barmaid in a biker bar. I got the job more by accident than design but I love it. Between the beer and the bands, (I do not work while drinking … I am not that brave) I am paid to go out and socialize, I boogie away behind the bar and if at the end of the night my cheeks ache as much from smiling as my feet do from working –then I have got something right.

I have the best boss, a hard task mistress but fair. In the twenty years she has been in her pub, her locals have grown to know her to love her and most of all to respect her. There are some who see a sign that states “Biker-Friendly” and assume that means rough as a badgers bottom, but they miss out, for among the beer glasses a community has been cultivated. There is a brilliant thing about a local pub, it makes you feel welcome and at home, no matter how far you have travelled or how long you are staying.

Being a Barmaid, it has been hard at times but so rewarding. I have been given the opportunity to discuss everything from soft furnishings to politics. Yes we have talked cushions, and don’t even venture to compete with the culinary debates that occur some of these boys REALLY know how to bake !

Becoming part of a community should grant and teach acceptance, provide tolerance of difference and deliver support when the laughs are diminished by struggles and or sadness. So often this seems lost in the world where the self-obsessed are at the wheel. A close-knit community is only so because of the care and respect that is grows from. Through my job, as a puller of pints I have made some amazing friendships and enjoyed truly bonkers moments… the blessings of a barmaidian are beyond measure and for this I am grateful.