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C …. Changed my mind ? Can’t I just drink coffee?

a-to-z-letters-cSome crazy lady (I use that term loosely) convinced herself that committing to this A to Z challenge would be a grand idea, completing this cerebral-meltdown by choosing a theme of gratitude by letters, and starting a new job on day three of the challenge. Could anyone be so barmy?
On yes that was me!

Could I just skip C an D and rejoin at E? (My second 12 hour shift is tomorrow) That does kind of defeat the object doesn’t it and besides there has been substantial speculation regarding the C of choice from one friend so I feel obliged to continue. My comic chum did suggest perhaps I should post on “constipation” I will pass on giving thanks for concrete-crap just this once.
Changing the subject, to chocolate, no cheese, perhaps cooking? Changes… I wish I could be grateful for changes. Like many people, when the new normal is established I am often surprised pleased with the results but that interim period when things are altering often scares the pants off me. Even if the results are not what we may have hoped there are lessons to be learnt from changing situations.

Can you imagine a life without change? We would soon fester. Caught in a stagnant pond, drowning slowly in a sea of the same old … I could not be thankful for that prospect. So I am pleased and accepting of change. At times I wish I could control it, command it, I cannot. Conceding that it is needed and preparing for the changes that occur may at times be the only available option.

Today, things changed for me. I am pleased they did. My head is swimming with information; colleagues’ names, residents’ names, care-plans, the list is endless. I came home after the longest of days, almost 13 hours on my feet. I have walked miles. After that, despite great contemplation, the appreciation for the changes pales into insignificance when compared to my current gratitude for coffee and comfortable shoes!