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D- Dignity, delete buttons and I am off for a doze.

Do you ever wonder what motivates people to parade their disasters in the media? Do they know who the father is? Do not worry, DNA tests in front of the nation are available, drag your dirty washing in to the public eye and preserve the whole debacle on DVD for future generations. You think your daughter might have been sleeping with your fella? Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle direct discussions to unveil the “truth”, to “get to the bottom of it”. A lie detector test will be definitive. I despair, to answer the question as to WHY anyone would choose this route to resolution is beyond me, but it is their decision.

Decisions are there to empower us as individuals, and as society as a whole.  By electing to watch these programmes we choose to promote digital-circus of talk show telly.  Do I choose to tune in? Do I hell! The “guest”, might be treated to an all expenses trip to the filming location, their choice to attend, but their dignity is then invested infamy. *

Alas, I have become distracted from my aim of appreciation, however distractions can be worthy of gratitude.

Discussions and debates distracted me for hours during my time as a student. Did we think that “for every action there was an equal and opposite reaction”, do we? Harking back to the degree days is a delight. During my studies, I was often thankful for the delete button, the option to edit to completely withdraw words, I am still appreciative of this. (* deleted, diatribe avoided)

Do you recall a time when you thought if only the delete button was available for the spoken word.  We cannot edit our conversations after the fact and this is why I am grateful for dignity. Day to day if we can guard the dignity of others in our actions and deeds, then the delete button might not be required.

During the writing of this post, I dozed a little. Do accept my apologies. D day on the A to Z challenge did not cover many things that were previously thought of, my dog should have had a huge mention in this post, however his letter will come. The double-entendre, did not make the cut and nor did doughnuts.

At this moment I am simply thankful for the digestive biscuit with my cup of tea, that I made the deadline and posted my D before my next doze.